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New Year dinner!

- Dinner @ New Years Eve. To celebrate the New Millennium we plan to arrange a dinner at New Years Eve. It will consist of roast beef and potato salad. Bring your own refreshments! Please send me a mail if you are interested to participate. Send it to Ham. Send it before 27/12 or it will be to late! I will send a mail back where you need to confirm that you want to participate. The price for this dinner vill be around 40sek, the final price will stand in the return mail.

P.S for you that don't like beef or potato salad there will be a guest appearace by IMPonance own swedish chef - ajje. Who will make one of his (in?)famous breath taking and sweat producing chilies! Don't miss this chance, habanero will be etched in your mind forever!

People who are interested so far

  • ham
  • ajje
  • robertk
  • hanna
  • johan
  • tomas
  • stefan
  • dafvid
  • emanuel
  • baggio
  • motorola
  • tam
  • jag