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I M P a r t y   X I I


Things happening at IMParty 12

  • MSX-Nemesis competition. Yes, probably there will be a high-score competition of the "Nemesis" game on MSX comptuers. Nemesis is the original name of "Gradius" (known from Nintendo). People with good memory will recall that the very first IMParty also had a Nemesis competition. Winner that time was Gargamel/DHS.

  • Counting and presentation of the contributions of the "Online competitions" announced at

  • New years celebration! The real millenium-change!

  • Poker! See how evl skins every one as always!

  • IRC'ing! No one has tried to beat Peylows record of 24 hours non-stop IRC yet. Anyone up for the task this year?

  • Coding, talking, drinking and so on.. well the standard points of every IMParty is of course no exception this time.